Blockchayn.io, your comprehensive Web3 service hub. We offer signals for traders, smart contract audits and developments, NFT creation, NFT marketing, token creation, and more. Our focus is on aiding investors in streamlining their DYOR (Do Your Own Research) process. Blockchayn Signals leverages AI and trusted sources to enhance your market analysis and apply proven trading strategies on the go. Accelerate your DYOR with Blockchayn.io – your trusted partner in the blockchain realm.


Empower your future with Solafit, your partner in solar solutions. From fully off-grid setups to powering load carriers, we offer scalable, cost-effective solutions. Consult with us for a brighter, sustainable future. Explore workshops and training sessions on solar energy benefits and best practices. Enjoy ongoing maintenance and support for installed solar systems, ensuring peak performance. Experience tailor-made solar system designs aligned with your energy needs and site specifications. Solafit, lighting your path to a greener tomorrow.

NFT Domains

Embark on the NFT revolution with NFT DOMAINS – SA’s inaugural Web3 Naming Service, driven by Unstoppable Domains & LSG. Unlike conventional domains subject to yearly renewals and governmental control, NFT DOMAINS offers a one-time purchase, granting perpetual ownership. Benefit from the increasing value typical of traditional NFTs, all while hosting your website on the blockchain using an NFT domain. Secure your digital presence today.

Smart Arb

SmartArb introduces a revolutionary service for arbitrage trading, empowering individuals to benefit from crypto arbitrage opportunities. SmartArb provides access to valuable insights for profitable opportunities. Elevate your trading and utilize regulatory allowances that are provided to you on an annual basis, especially when you don’t use them!


ProtoHype: An innovation powerhouse specializing in creative execution from idea conception to final product. We excel in developing comprehensive branding, marketing strategies, and forging partner and supply chain agreements. Our mission is to seamlessly guide clients from idea to the consumer’s doorstep, ensuring a successful journey from concept to product sale, shipment, and delivery. Experience the full spectrum of innovation with ProtoHype


SeaportNFT: South Africa’s leading Multi Vendor NFT marketplace offers state-of-the-art marketing and an intuitive NFT creator. Easily mint custom NFTs, publish to blockchain, and list on our platform. Creators earn set royalties on each resale. Register, list, and sell effortlessly. Shape the future of NFTs with Seaport.NFT. Your digital journey begins here; join us in crafting the NFT landscape.

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